Nov 21, 2014


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Well, it's not really a cricket, but I'm not sure animators would google for Stenopelmatus. The correct details are:

Jerusalem crickets are a group of large, flightless insects of the genus Stenopelmatus. They are native to the western United States and parts of Mexico. Its large head has inspired both Native American and Spanish names.
Despite their common name, Jerusalem crickets are not true crickets, as they belong to the family Stenopelmatidae, while crickets belong to the family Gryllidae; nor are they native to Jerusalem.

Anyway! :)

Download the rig here.


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More info here, direct download here.


More info here, direct download here.


More info here, direct download here.


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Oct 7, 2014

Hotel Transylvania Zombie

Very cool that Sony Pictures Animation is giving away their rig from the movie (at least the model, not sure how production accurate the rig itself is)! Head over here for the rig!

Sep 5, 2014

BodyMech Rigs

These are not free but for $40 you get a ton of different rigs and it seems well worth it. Head over here for more information.

BodyMech Rigs - Intro from joe daniels on Vimeo.

Apr 12, 2014

Mar 1, 2014

World Zombination character rigs

Head over to this page to learn more about those cool free rigs!

Updated with an additional rig: Lady Squidfinger


Another very cool looking rig by Long Winter Studios. Check out the clip that also includes Tom:


Another very cool looking rig by Long Winter Studios. Check out the clip that also includes Claire:


The Argus rig is looking very cool. You can check out the Long Winter Studios' rig selection here.

Oct 16, 2013


Head over here to read up on all the goodies and especially where and how you're allowed to use the rig!

Aug 2, 2013

Black Panther

Head over to Turbosquid for the download link and if you want to see all the rigs he's offering (although the rest is not free, but cheap nonetheless), head over here.


Not free, but not expensive either, check out the Patrick rig at and watch the clips below:

May 27, 2013


This cute looking rig is by Neil Easton and the link for direct download is here. Below is a test showcasing the rig. Thanks Neil for sharing it!

Apr 26, 2013


Find out more about it here.


Find out more about it here. (link is dead, anybody found it somewhere else?)


Head over here and grab the rig by either tweeting or posting on Facebook about it. The actual site needs registration. Looks to be all free (I haven't signed up yet).


Find out more about it here, including demo and sample clips.